Tropical Goldfish Colour Pellets 36G

Looking to enhance the color of your goldfish? Look no further than our Tropical Goldfish Colour Pellets! These color-enhancing granules are perfect for all varieties of goldfish and young koi carps, whether they live in aquariums or ponds.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with natural dyes, including astaxanthin, to intensify red, orange, and yellow colors
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C and beta-glucan to strengthen the immune system
  • Comes in fine, floating granules for easy feeding
  • Supports proper growth and development of goldfish


By incorporating our Tropical Goldfish Colour Pellets into your fish’s diet, you can expect to see vibrant and radiant colors on your goldfish. Not only will their appearance improve, but their overall health and well-being will also benefit from the rich formula of this food.


Q: Can I use this food for other types of fish?

A: While this food is specifically designed for goldfish and young koi carps, it can be suitable for other cyprinids as well. Be sure to monitor your fish’s response to the food to ensure it is suitable for them.



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