Tropical Vitality & Color Flakes 100g

This high protein flake food is designed to provide vitality and enhance the color of your fish. Perfect for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous fish, these flakes help ensure steady growth, maturation, and readiness to spawn.

Key Features:

  • High protein content
  • Color-enhancing properties
  • Rich in Vitamin E and lecithin from egg yolk
  • Natural astaxanthin for enhanced coloration
  • Enriched with L-Carnitine for fat metabolism
  • Suitable for growing fish and spawners


  • Promotes fish vitality
  • Enhances coloration
  • Aids in growth and maturation
  • Supports reproductive processes
  • Protects cells against free radicals
  • Facilitates fat metabolism

Please note that while these flakes are beneficial for your fish, it is important to diversify their diet with foods rich in roughage substances such as fiber and chitin to regulate their digestive tract.


Q: Can I feed these flakes to all types of fish?

A: These flakes are suitable for omnivorous and carnivorous fish, but it is always best to check the specific dietary requirements of your fish species.

Q: How often should I feed my fish with these flakes?

A: These flakes can be used for everyday feeding, but be sure to monitor your fish’s intake and adjust accordingly to maintain a balanced diet.



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