Tropical – Supervit Granular 55g

Are you looking for a high-quality food option for your omnivorous fish? Look no further than Tropical – Supervit Granular 55g. This multi-ingredient granule food is packed with essential nutrients to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Key Features:

  • Rich formula with dozens of carefully selected ingredients
  • Contains crustaceans, molluscs, and algae for a diverse diet
  • Includes beta-glucan and stabilized vitamin C to boost immunity
  • Perfect for most omnivorous species of fish that feed in the bottom or middle layers of water


  • Satisfies nutritional and energetic needs of fish
  • Facilitates fish’s immunity system to fight pathogens
  • Can be used as a base for further supplementation with other foods
  • Great for multi-species tanks

Important Information:

Superior quality and carefully selected ingredients make Tropical – Supervit Granular 55g a top choice for fish enthusiasts. This food provides a balanced diet for your fish and helps support their overall health and well-being.


Q: Can this food be used for all types of fish?

A: Tropical – Supervit Granular 55g is best suited for omnivorous species of fish that feed in the bottom or middle layers of water. For specific dietary requirements, consult with a fish expert.



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