ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp 100w Bayonet Fitting

The ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp is a crucial accessory for reptile owners, especially for nocturnal species. With a 100w bayonet fitting, this red spot light is designed to create local warmth, simulating the retained daylight heat that these creatures would experience in their natural habitat.

Not only does this lamp provide light and heat, but it also increases ambient air temperature, encouraging natural thermo-regulatory behavior in your beloved reptiles. This ensures they stay healthy and comfortable in their environment.

Key Features:

  • 100w bayonet fitting
  • Red spot light ideal for nocturnal species
  • Creates local warmth simulating daylight heat
  • Increases ambient air temperature


  • Encourages natural thermo-regulatory behavior
  • Keeps reptiles healthy and comfortable
  • Provides both light and heat
  • Easy to install and use


Q: How often should I use the ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp?

A: It is recommended to use the lamp during the nighttime hours to provide the necessary warmth and light for your nocturnal reptiles.

Q: Can this lamp be used with other types of reptiles?

A: While designed for nocturnal species, this lamp can also benefit other reptiles that require additional warmth and light in their habitat.



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