ProRep Heat Mat – Cloth Element 6W 6″x11″

Keep your exotic friend cosy and snug with the Prorep Heat Mat. This heating mat is designed to provide gentle background heat for reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, ensuring they stay warm and comfortable in their habitat.

Available in three different sizes, the ProRep Heat Mat should always be used with a thermostat (sold separately) to regulate temperature and create the perfect environment for your pet. This is crucial as these animals are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

The heat mat produces infra-red radiation which is similar to the sun’s rays, keeping your pet warm as they bask in their enclosure. The heat mat is highly efficient with ultra low running costs, making it an affordable heating solution for your pet’s habitat.

Installation is easy with the included instruction manual, but it is important to carefully follow the guidelines and monitor the temperature for at least 48 hours before introducing your pet to the heated environment.


  • Radiant, convection, and contact heaters in one
  • Highly efficient with ultra low running costs
  • Suitable for wall, roof, or floor mounting
  • Meets all recommended safety standards


Use a heat mat to cover no more than 50% of the cage area and always use it with a thermostat to regulate temperature effectively. Ensure proper installation and monitoring before introducing your pet to the heated environment.


Q: Can the heat mat be used without a thermostat?

A: It is highly recommended to use the heat mat with a thermostat to ensure precise temperature control and create the optimal environment for your pet.



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