Keep your exotic friend cosy and snug as a bug with the Prorep Heat Mat. It is available in three different sizes and should always be used with a thermostat (sold separately). Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates are very susceptible to fluctuations in temperature and will benefit enormously from a thermostatically controlled heating apparatus such as this. Your pet will thrive in the right conditions and what a wonderful sight it is to watch your exotic friend basking without a care in the world, just waiting for his next nutritious meal.

The infra-red radiation provides a gentle background heat that also warms up the animal and furnishings without raising the air temperature too significantly. This is comparable to infra-red radiation produced by the sun which warms animals as they bask in the sun in their natural habitat.

The heat mat is easy to install (please see instruction manual supplied). It is vital that these instructions are followed to a tee and, once set up in a vivarium, that the heat mat is left running for at least 48 hours so that the temperature can be carefully monitored before placing your pet inside.

Radiant, convection and contact heaters all in one Highly efficient with ultra low running costs So thin and flat they can be mounted unseen in almost any set-up Suitable for wall, roof or floor mounting Meets all recommended safety standards Use a heat mat to cover no more than 50% of the cage area Always use with a thermostat