Prorep Spot Lamp Holder BC Bayonet Fitting

The ProRep Spot Lamp Holder is perfect for use with all BC incandescent spot lamps up to 100W, providing a reliable and efficient heat source for your reptile habitat.

This lamp holder is designed to ensure safety and durability, allowing you to easily position the heat source in the optimal location within your terrarium or vivarium.

Key Features:

  • Comes complete with a 2-metre lead and plug for convenience
  • Suitable for use with BC bayonet fitting spot lamps
  • Maximum wattage of 100W
  • Dimensions: 100 x 77 x 77cm


  • Provides a secure mount for your heat source
  • Ensures proper positioning within your reptile habitat
  • Helps create a comfortable and safe environment for your pet

Experience peace of mind knowing that your reptile is receiving the heat and light they need with the ProRep Spot Lamp Holder BC Bayonet Fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this lamp holder with other types of bulbs?

A: This lamp holder is specifically designed for use with BC bayonet fitting spot lamps up to 100W.


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