Tropical Vitality & Colour Flakes 20g

Give your fish the nourishment they need with our Tropical Vitality & Colour Flakes! These high protein flakes are specially formulated to enhance vitality and boost the vibrant colors of your aquatic pets.

Key Features:

  • Rich in protein for growth and development
  • Vitamin E and lecithin from egg yolk for health and reproduction
  • Natural astaxanthin for enhanced coloration
  • Enriched with L-carnitine for fat metabolism


Regular feeding with Tropical Vitality & Colour Flakes ensures steady growth, maturation, and readiness to spawn for your fish. The high-quality ingredients promote overall health and vitality, while enhancing their natural coloration.

Instructions for Use:

Feed your fish a small amount of flakes 2-3 times a day, making sure to only provide what they can consume in a few minutes. Remember to alternate with other foods rich in fiber and chitin for a balanced diet.


Q: Can I feed these flakes to all types of fish?

A: Yes, these flakes are suitable for both omnivorous and carnivorous fish. It is recommended to diversify their diet with other foods to maintain a healthy balance.



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