The specially composed formula of Royal Canin Hairball Care in Gravy was specially developed to reduce the formation of hairballs and to promote the natural elimination of swallowed hair. It supports the digestive tract and promotes the removal of hairs through stool.

Royal Canin Hairball Care in Gravy at a glance:
High-quality wet food for cats
Reduces hairballs: with a complete & balanced formula
Balanced nutrient formula: can reduce the risk of hairball formation
Supports intestinal activity: promotes the removal of swallowed hair
Proven results; according to an internal study by Royal Canin, hairball formation was reduced in the participating cats after only 14 days of feeding with the Royal Canin Hairball Care wet food
In practical fresh pouches

Mixed feeding – cleverly combined: the combination of wet and dry food takes on the positive aspects of each type of food. Dry food can support dental health through a mechanical “toothbrushing” effect, while the moisture content in wet food can aid in hydration and urinary tract health.