Introducing Mutz Nutz Grain Free Turkey For Adult Cats 2Kg!

Give your feline friend the nutritious and delicious meal they deserve with Mutz Nutz Grain Free Turkey for Adult Cats. Made with freshly prepared turkey and added sweet potato, this grain-free formula is natural, complete, and balanced to provide your cat with everything they need for optimal health.

  • Vet Approved Formula: Rest assured that this cat food has been carefully formulated and approved by veterinarians to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats.
  • No Added Grain: This grain-free recipe is perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs or allergies to grains.
  • No Added Colours Or Preservatives: We believe in keeping things natural, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your cat.
  • Added Omega 3 Supplement: Promote healthy skin and a shiny coat with the omega 3 supplement included in this formula.
  • Contains 60% Freshly Prepared Meat: Your cat will love the taste of the freshly prepared turkey in this recipe, making mealtime enjoyable every time.


Q: Is this cat food suitable for all breeds of adult cats?

A: Yes, Mutz Nutz Grain Free Turkey For Adult Cats is suitable for adult cats of all breeds.

Q: How much should I feed my cat?

A: The recommended feeding guidelines are provided on the packaging based on your cat’s weight and activity level. Always ensure fresh water is available for your cat.

Q: Can I mix this cat food with other varieties?

A: While Mutz Nutz Grain Free Turkey For Adult Cats is complete and balanced on its own, feel free to mix in other varieties for added variety in your cat’s diet.

Give your cat the best with Mutz Nutz Grain Free Turkey For Adult Cats – a tasty and nutritious choice they’ll love!



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