Pro Rep Basking Spot Light 100w (bayonet Fitting)

Enhance the comfort and well-being of your reptile with the Pro Rep Basking Spot Light 100w. This high-quality spot lamp is designed specifically for day-active species, providing a local hot spot for basking and supporting natural thermo-regulatory behavior.

Key Features:

  • 100W Standard R80 format clear reflector spot bulb
  • Bayonet Fitting for easy installation
  • Creates a local hot spot for basking species
  • Provides light and heat to increase ambient air temperature


With the Pro Rep Basking Spot Light, you can mimic the natural sunlight and warmth that your reptile would experience in its native habitat. This helps to regulate their body temperature, support digestion, and overall well-being.

Important Information:

The 100W wattage is ideal for creating a comfortable basking area for your reptile. The clear reflector spot bulb ensures that the light and heat are directed where they are needed most. The bayonet fitting makes installation simple and hassle-free.


Q: How far away should the basking spot light be placed from the reptile?

A: It is recommended to place the spot light approximately 8-12 inches away from the basking area to provide the optimal temperature gradient for your reptile.



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