Pet Living – Super Absorbent microfibre Pet Towel (Brown)

Keep your furry friend clean and dry with our Pet Living Super Absorbent Microfibre Pet Towel. This quick-drying towel is designed to dry your pet up to 4 times faster than an ordinary towel, making bath time and rainy walks much more convenient.

Key Features:

  • Size: 100cm x 60cm
  • Super absorbent microfibre material
  • Dries up to 4 times quicker than an ordinary towel
  • Perfect for bath time, rainy walks, or trips to the beach
  • Helps prevent wet floors and furniture


The Pet Living Super Absorbent Microfibre Pet Towel is essential for any pet owner who wants to keep their home clean and their pet comfortable. The quick-drying material ensures that your furry friend stays warm and dry, while the large size allows for easy and efficient drying.

Important Information:

This towel is machine washable for easy care and long-lasting use. The brown color is both stylish and practical, hiding any dirt or stains that may accumulate over time. Make bath time a breeze with our Super Absorbent Microfibre Pet Towel!


Q: Can this towel be used for cats as well?
A: Yes, the Pet Living Super Absorbent Microfibre Pet Towel is suitable for both dogs and cats.



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