Get off animal repellents offer a harmless yet highly effective means of detering even the most persistant cats and dogs, by releasing a strong, perfumed odour Get Off confuses their sense of smell, detering the pest from fouling and territory marking in specific areas of your home or garden. For indoor use. A unique 2 in 1 formula which cleans the area fouled by a pet and also removes the odour to deter repeat soiling. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.

Get Off Dog & Cat Repellent Indoor Spray 500ml A unique formula for indoor and outdoor use. Get OFF Wash & Get Off Spray Cleaner Neutraliser first cleans the area fouled by your pet, then neutralises the odour of urine in order to deter repeat soiling, as well as washing away the stains your pets leave behind. Within 30 mins, Wash & Get Off Spray will remove the pet odour that soiling leaves behind and replace it with a pleasant citric scent.
? the only two-phase treatment, that first cleans thoroughly and then neutralises the odour of urine
? the smell of citrus discourages animals to return to the same spot ? for indoor and outdoor use


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