Little Ones Tasty Bowl 65g

The Little One Tasty Bowl is the perfect treat-toy for your small animals. Made from meadow grasses, this 65g bowl is filled with one of six delicious and beneficial ingredients: parsnip, courgette (zucchini), apple, pumpkin, carrot, or rosebuds. Not only will this treat entertain your little one’s taste buds, but it also serves as a dental care tool.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, the Little One Tasty Bowl is essential for proper digestion in rodents and rabbits. Your furry friends will love nibbling away at this tasty and healthy treat, which is not only delicious but also beneficial for their overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • Made from meadow grasses
  • Six delicious and beneficial ingredients to choose from
  • Doubles as a dental care tool
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • Suitable for rodents and rabbits


  • Entertains and stimulates taste buds
  • Helps maintain dental health
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Provides essential nutrients for overall well-being


Q: Is the Little One Tasty Bowl suitable for all small animals?
A: The Tasty Bowl is specifically designed for rodents and rabbits, but can be enjoyed by other small animals as well.

Q: How often should I give my small animal the Tasty Bowl?
A: The Tasty Bowl can be given as a treat or snack, but should not replace their regular diet. Offer the Tasty Bowl in moderation to ensure a balanced diet.


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