Introducing Little One Fruit And Nuts Sticks

Give your small furry friends a tasty and nutritious treat with Little One Fruit And Nuts Sticks! These sticks are specially formulated for hamsters, rats, mice, and gerbils, providing them with a delicious blend of fruits and nuts that they will love.

Key Features:

– Made with a mix of wheat, barley, millet, sorghum, oats, maize, sunflower, peanuts, peas, and more
– Contains 1.2% fruits such as apple and pear for added flavor
– Includes essential nutrients to support your pet’s overall health
– Helps promote dental health by encouraging natural chewing behavior


– Provides a balanced diet for your small animals
– Promotes mental stimulation and prevents boredom
– Easy and convenient to feed
– Encourages natural foraging instincts

Important Information:

These sticks are a great addition to your pet’s daily diet and can be given as a treat or reward. Make sure to provide fresh water at all times. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Can I give these sticks to my hamster as a daily treat? – Yes, these sticks can be given as part of a balanced diet for your hamster.
  • Are these sticks suitable for rats and mice as well? – Absolutely, these sticks are safe and enjoyable for rats, mice, and gerbils.


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