Introducing Little One Meadow Grass Man

Get ready for the Christmas season with this delightful and festive Little One Meadow Grass Man treat toy for your small mammal! Packed with delicious berries and aromatic meadow grasses, this limited edition toy will provide your pet with both entertainment and a healthy snack.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Christmas holidays
  • Enriches your pet’s diet with festive flavors
  • Includes a header card that doubles as a greeting card
  • Provides entertainment and enrichment for your small mammal


  • Creates a joyful and festive mood for your pet
  • Keeps your pet engaged and entertained during the holidays
  • Offers a healthy and delicious treat option
  • Makes for a perfect gift for your furry friend

Don’t miss out on making this Christmas season even more special for your small mammal with the Little One Meadow Grass Man treat toy!


Q: Can I give this treat toy to all small mammals?

A: Yes, this treat toy is suitable for a variety of small mammals.

Q: How long will this treat toy last?

A: The longevity of the treat toy will depend on how often your pet plays with it and consumes the treats.


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