Insect Mix Is A Delicious And Nutritious Complementary Feed For Omnivorous Rodents And Besides A Valuable Source Of Macro- & Micronutrients. The Mix Is Perfectly Balanced And Includes Dried Silkworm Pupae, Black Soldier Fly Pupae, Mealworms And Crickets.

Due To The Included Insects This Snack Is A Great Source Of Animal Protein Needed In The Diet Of Omnivorous Rodents And Contains Essential Fatty Acids, Which Beneficially Affect The Pet?S Skin And Coat Condition. Besides, The Insect Mix Enriches The Pet?S Diet With Calcium, Phosphorus And Magnesium, Needed For Healthy Teeth And Bones, And By Containing Chitin It Can Positively Affect The Digestive Process.
-Dried Silkworm Pupae
-Black Soldier Fly Pupae