KONG Knots Twist Assorted Dog Toy Large

The KONG Knots Twists Large Dog Toy is designed to satisfy your dog’s thrashing instincts with its long braided neck made of durable cotton rope. Dogs love to chew on this irresistible braid, making it a great toy for playtime.

The toy features a squeaker that keeps playtime going, while the minimal stuffing means easy clean-up for you. This instinct-satisfying toy is both soft and durable, perfect for your furry friend.

  • Long braided neck and body ideal for thrashing
  • Minimal stuffing for less mess
  • Chewing on rope helps clean teeth
  • Squeaker in body extends playtime


Q: Is this toy suitable for large dogs?
A: Yes, the KONG Knots Twist Assorted Dog Toy comes in a large size, perfect for larger breeds.

Q: How do I clean this toy?
A: Simply spot clean with a damp cloth and a pet-safe cleaner to keep it fresh for your dog.

Q: Can this toy help with dental health?
A: Yes, chewing on the durable cotton rope can help clean your dog’s teeth and promote overall dental health.



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