Dog And Co Megaballs 1 Ball

Get ready to play fetch with your furry friend using the Dog And Co Megaballs! This durable tennis ball is designed with double wall thickness to provide strength, bounce, and durability for endless hours of playtime with your pet. It’s the perfect size for dogs to easily pick up and carry in their mouth, making it an ideal playing companion for dogs of all ages.

  • Double wall thickness tennis ball for strength and durability
  • Perfect playing companion for dogs
  • Ideal for playing fetch and throw games with your pet
  • Ball easily fits in the mouth of young dogs
  • Floats in water for added fun during water play

Give your pet the ultimate playtime experience with the Dog And Co Megaballs! Whether you’re playing in the park, backyard, or water, this tennis ball will provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your furry friend.


Can this tennis ball be used for training purposes?

Yes, the Dog And Co Megaballs can be used for training exercises with your pet.

Is this tennis ball suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, this tennis ball is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.



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