Halti Head Collar Size 3

The Halti Head Collar Size 3 is a must-have for pet owners who are looking to effectively train their large dogs. Its unique design works by gently steering the head and therefore controlling the direction of your dog’s movements, making training easy and putting you, the owner, back in control.

Key Features:

  • Unique design for effective training
  • Suitable for Doberman, German Shepherd, and Labrador sized dogs
  • Helps prevent pulling and lunging
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit


The Halti Head Collar Size 3 offers numerous benefits for both you and your canine companion. By using this collar, you can easily guide your dog’s movements, prevent pulling and lunging during walks, and establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Your dog will learn to walk politely on a leash, making your outings more enjoyable for both of you.

Important Information:

Size 3 is suitable for larger breeds such as Doberman, German Shepherd, and Labrador. Make sure to measure your dog’s neck and muzzle to ensure a proper fit. This head collar should be used under supervision and should not be left on your dog unattended.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the Halti Head Collar Size 3 be used for aggressive dogs?

A: While the Halti Head Collar can help manage pulling and lunging behavior, it is important to consult a professional dog trainer if you have concerns about aggression.

Q: Is the collar easy to put on and take off?

A: Yes, the Halti Head Collar Size 3 is designed for ease of use with adjustable straps and a quick-release buckle for added convenience.


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