Halti Headcollar Size 1 Black

Take control of your dog’s movements with the Halti Headcollar Size 1 in Black. This unique design gently steers your dog’s head, allowing you to easily control their direction of movement and make training a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Border Terrier, Jack Russell, and Westie sized dogs
  • Unique design for gentle steering of your dog’s head
  • Puts you, the owner, back in control of your dog’s movements


The Halti Headcollar promotes positive behavoir in your dog by allowing you to guide them in a gentle and effective way. Say goodbye to pulling and straining on walks, and hello to enjoyable outings with your furry friend.

Important Information:

This size 1 headcollar is designed specifically for smaller breeds such as Border Terriers, Jack Russells, and Westies. It is the perfect training tool for pet owners looking to establish better control over their dog’s behavior.


Q: Is the headcollar suitable for all dog breeds?
A: The Size 1 Halti Headcollar is recommended for smaller breeds like Border Terriers, Jack Russells, and Westies. For larger breeds, we recommend checking out the other sizes available.


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