Bamboodles Y Bone Chew – Large

Our Bamboodles ?Y-Bone? is a tough and durable chew toy that is suitable for all dogs, including more aggressive chewers. The natural strength of bamboo fiber combined with nylon fibers creates a long-lasting chew toy that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end.

  • Bacon Flavour: Delicious bacon flavour to entice your dog
  • Durable + Long-Lasting: Made to withstand even the most vigorous chewing
  • “T-Bone” Shape: Designed for your dog’s front paws to keep them busy for hours
  • Reduced Oral Bacteria: Raised nubs on the chew toy can help reduce oral bacteria and bad breath
  • Control Plaque and Tartar Build-Up: The nubs also help control plaque and tartar buildup for clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Authentic Chew Experience: Mimics wood for a more satisfying chew experience

Discourage destructive chewing and promote good oral hygiene with our Bamboodles Y Bone Chew. Your dog will love the taste, and you will love the durability and benefits it provides.


Q: Is this chew toy suitable for all dog breeds?

A: Yes, the Bamboodles Y Bone Chew is suitable for all dogs, including more aggressive chewers.

Q: How do the raised nubs help with oral hygiene?

A: The raised nubs can help reduce oral bacteria, bad breath, and control plaque and tartar buildup for cleaner teeth and healthier gums.



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