Product Description

Infra-red heat Lampen ideal for heating vivarium low v. Isible light, high heatarcadia SBR50 basking solar infra red heat lamp bulb.

Arcadia Infrared Solar Basking Spot Bulb –

A high quality infrared heating lamp.

Specifically chosen for its potency and produce low visible light and high heat. They are ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening and can be used with a thermostatic control system.

A standard Infrared, E27 heat lamp.

  • Ideal for heating vivarium during the day & evening
  • Can be used with the SBF and SBS intensive heat spots
  • A great source of heat for Exothermic species
  • Low visible light, high heat

Available in: 50 watts, 75 watts, 100 watts & 150 watts



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