Introducing Animology Puppy Shampoo Puppy Love

Give your furry friend the care they deserve with Animology Puppy Shampoo Puppy Love. This gentle yet effective shampoo is specially formulated for your puppy’s delicate skin, making bath time a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Mild, deep cleaning formulation
  • Built-in conditioner for a healthy coat
  • Infused with our signature ‘Puppy’ scent for a fresh-smelling coat

Animology Puppy Shampoo Puppy Love provides a luxurious lather that cleanses your puppy’s coat without stripping away essential oils. The built-in conditioner helps to keep their coat soft and shiny, while the gentle formula is perfect for their sensitive skin.

Not only does this shampoo leave your puppy looking and feeling great, but it also has a lovely scent that will have them smelling fresh for days. Say goodbye to that wet dog smell and hello to Puppy Love!


  • Is this shampoo suitable for all puppy breeds?
    Yes, Puppy Love is suitable for all puppy breeds.
  • Can I use this shampoo on adult dogs?
    Puppy Love is specifically formulated for puppies, but Animology offers a wide range of shampoos for adult dogs as well.

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