Ancol Ergo Thinning Scissors For Dogs

Ancol Ergo Thinning Scissors are the perfect grooming tool for trimming longer coats and leaving a natural finish on your dog’s fur. These professional-quality scissors are made from tempered steel, ensuring they are robust and long-lasting for all your grooming needs.

These thinning scissors are designed to effectively thin out hair, making them ideal for use on thick fur or all over your dog’s coat after trimming to achieve a natural look.

Key Features:

  • Tempered steel for durability
  • Professional quality item
  • Creates a natural finish
  • Designed to thin out hair


The Ancol Ergo Thinning Scissors are the perfect tool for achieving a natural look when grooming your dog. Whether you need to thin out thick fur or blend trimmed areas, these scissors are essential for maintaining your dog’s coat.


Q: Can these scissors be used on all breeds of dogs?

A: Yes, the Ancol Ergo Thinning Scissors are suitable for use on all breeds with longer coats.

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