Ancol Raspberry Padded Collar Neck 55-63cm

Treat your furry friend to a stylish and comfortable collar with the Ancol Viva Padded Nylon Collar range. Made with high-quality materials, these collars are designed to provide both comfort and durability for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Made from tough poly-weave webbing
  • Soft padding on the inside to prevent rubbing
  • Adjustable size for a perfect fit
  • Suitable for wet walks and swimming


  • Comfortable for your dog to wear
  • Durable and strong for adventurous dogs
  • Prevents rubbing and irritation
  • Easy to adjust for a perfect fit

Ensure your dog is comfortable and secure on walks with the Ancol Raspberry Padded Collar. The adjustable size allows for a custom fit, ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort. The durable materials make it suitable for even the most active dogs, while the soft padding prevents rubbing and irritation.


Q: How do I know if the collar will fit my dog?

A: The collar is adjustable within the range of 55-63cm, so measure your dog’s neck before purchasing to ensure the collar will fit comfortably.

Q: Is the collar suitable for swimming?

A: Yes, the collar is made from materials that are suitable for wet walks and swimming, making it perfect for water-loving dogs.


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