Introducing Woolf Turkey Semi-Moist Soft Cubes 100g

Looking for the perfect training treat for your furry friend? Look no further than Woolf Soft Cubes Turkey! Made with fresh local raw materials, these soft and flavorful cubes are ideal for all dog breeds, including puppies. Whether you have a large or small dog, these bite-sized treats are sure to be a hit!

  • Grain-Free and Gluten-Free: Woolf Soft Cubes are formulated without grains and gluten, making them suitable for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs.
  • Specially Made: Slow-cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavor, and cold-pressed to maintain authentic taste and texture.
  • Healthy and Delicious: With 85% fresh turkey, hydrolysed starch, vegetable glycerin, and natural antioxidants, these treats support your dog’s health and well-being.
  • Made in Spain: Proudly produced in Spain, combining tradition with modern quality standards.


Q: Are these treats suitable for all dog sizes and ages?
A: Yes, Woolf Soft Cubes Turkey are perfect for both large and small dogs, including puppies.

Q: Are these treats made with natural ingredients?
A: Yes, these cubes are made with fresh turkey and natural antioxidants to ensure the best quality for your dog.

Q: How can I use these treats for training?
A: These soft cubes are ideal for training purposes and can be easily divided into smaller pieces for repeated training sessions.

Give your dog the delicious taste of fresh turkey with Woolf Turkey Semi-Moist Soft Cubes 100g!



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