Tetra Tetra Fauna Reptomin 22g TET252

Looking for the perfect food for your aquatic turtles? Look no further than Tetra Tetra Fauna Reptomin 22g TET252, a complete diet specially formulated to meet the carnivorous natural diet of aquatic turtles.

What sets this food apart is its ActiveFormula, which helps maintain a healthy immune system for your turtles. With an optimum calcium to phosphorus ratio of 3.5:1, this food supports healthy bone and shell growth, ensuring your pets stay strong and healthy.

Containing a high proportion of easily digestible proteins, Tetra Tetra Fauna Reptomin sticks are not only nutritious but also highly digestible. This means less water pollution and more nutrition for your turtles.

Key Features:

  • ActiveFormula for a healthy immune system
  • Optimum calcium to phosphorus ratio for bone and shell growth
  • High proportion of easily digestible proteins
  • Highly digestible sticks for less water pollution


Your turtles will love the easy-to-eat stick format of Tetra Tetra Fauna Reptomin 22g TET252, and you’ll love knowing that they are getting a nutritionally balanced diet that supports their overall health and well-being.


Q: How often should I feed my turtles Reptomin?
A: Feed your turtles Reptomin once a day, offering an amount of food they can consume in a few minutes.

Q: Can I feed Reptomin to other reptiles?
A: Reptomin is specifically formulated for aquatic turtles, but other reptiles may enjoy it as a treat occasionally. Be sure to provide a varied diet for their overall health.



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