Introducing Seachem Clarity – Water Clarifier 250ML

Looking to achieve crystal clear water in your aquarium? Look no further than Seachem Clarity, the ultimate water clarifier for both fresh and saltwater tanks. This powerful formula is designed to clear all types of clouding, including chemical clouding and particulate clouding caused by stirring up the gravel bed.

Key Features:

  • Advanced polymeric flocculating agent
  • Reef and plant safe
  • Effective in both fresh and saltwater tanks
  • Removes tiny floating particles
  • Easy to use and safe for all aquatic inhabitants

How it Works:

Upon adding Seachem Clarity to your aquarium, you may notice a cloudy haze starting to form. This is a sign that the flocculating agent is beginning to work its magic. The tiny pieces of floating matter in the water will start to clump together, forming larger pieces that are now visible to the naked eye. Once the matter is clumped together, it can easily be removed through mechanical filtration.


  • Improves water clarity
  • Reduces cloudiness caused by various factors
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your aquarium
  • Does not harm your fish, plants, or reef inhabitants
  • Easy to use and highly effective


Q: Is Seachem Clarity safe for all types of fish and plants?

A: Yes, Seachem Clarity is safe for all aquatic inhabitants, including fish, plants, and reef organisms. It is specially formulated to be reef and plant safe.

Q: How often should I use Seachem Clarity in my aquarium?

A: Use Seachem Clarity as needed to maintain water clarity. Follow the recommended dosage instructions for best results.

Choose Seachem Clarity for a clear and pristine aquarium that your fish and plants will thrive in. Purchase your 250ML bottle today and experience the difference!


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