Why do you need a special feed for medium-sized puppies?

Growth is a key phase in the life of your puppy ? it is the time of changes and discoveries, the natural defences of your puppy are still developing. Therefore, a balanced complete feed is necessary for optimal health.
ROYAL CANIN Medium Puppy puppy feed in sauce is suitable for puppies with a final weight between 11-25 kg up to the 12th month, and has been specially tailored to the needs of medium-sized puppies.

In order to optimally support the development of the natural defences of the puppy ROYAL CANIN Medium Puppy puppy feed in sauce contains an exclusive antioxidant complex (including vitamin E) which supports the defences of the puppy during the growth phase. In addition, important nutrients are contained that support the digestive health of your puppy and maintain the balance of the intestinal flora.

Since medium-sized puppies only go through a short growth phase their feed must have a high energy content to cover their high energy needs.

ROYAL CANIN Medium Puppy puppy feed in sauce supports the healthy development of the skeleton in this crucial growth phase through optimal nutrient content.