Royal Canin Cat Light Weight 85g

Keep your adult cat healthy and at an ideal weight with ROYAL CANIN Light Weight Care Gravy Pouch 85g. This specially formulated cat food is designed to help limit weight gain and support a healthy metabolism.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with L-Carnitine to support a healthy metabolism
  • High protein content to maintain muscle mass while reducing calories
  • Helps limit weight gain and promote a lean body type
  • Supports a healthy urinary system for optimal bladder function


By choosing ROYAL CANIN Light Weight Care in Gravy, you can help your cat maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing muscle mass. The high protein content ensures that your cat stays strong and healthy while reducing calorie intake. Additionally, the added L-Carnitine helps support a fast-acting metabolism, making it easier for your cat to stay at a healthy weight.

With regular feeding of this cat food, you can ensure that your cat maintains a lean body type and stays healthy overall. Plus, the formula supports a healthy urinary system, promoting optimal bladder function for your feline friend.


Q: How often should I feed my cat ROYAL CANIN Light Weight Care in Gravy?

A: It is recommended to follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging based on your cat’s weight and activity level. Typically, adult cats can be fed 2-3 pouches per day, divided into multiple meals.

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