Rio Eggs And Seashells Treats


Rio Eggs And Seashells Treats are a delicious and nutritious treat for all types of birds. Made with a blend of yellow millet, canary seed, red panicum, red millet, safflower, sesame seed, and healthy seeds, these treats are not only tasty but also packed with essential nutrients for your feathered friends.

Key Features:

  • Contains eggs and oyster shells for added calcium
  • Rich in seeds and grains for a balanced diet
  • Includes honey for a touch of sweetness
  • Easy to feed and can be offered as a daily treat


These treats provide birds with essential nutrients to support their overall health and well-being. The added calcium from the oyster shells helps to maintain strong bones and egg production. The combination of seeds and grains offers a variety of textures and flavors that birds will love. Plus, the convenience of offering these treats as a daily snack makes them a great addition to your bird’s diet.


Q: Can all types of birds eat Rio Eggs And Seashells Treats?
A: Yes, these treats are suitable for a variety of bird species, including canaries, finches, budgies, and more.

Q: How often should I feed these treats to my birds?
A: Rio Eggs And Seashells Treats can be offered as a daily treat in addition to your bird’s regular diet.

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