Nobby Bird Perch With Mirror

The Nobby Bird Perch With Mirror is the perfect addition to your bird’s cage for both entertainment and exercise. Made of natural wood, this perch is safe and secure for your feathered friend.

The built-in mirror allows your bird to see its own reflection, providing endless amusement and mental stimulation. The perch can be easily hung in the cage or any other suitable location with the two included hooks, making it convenient to use.

Not only does the Nobby Bird Perch With Mirror provide entertainment, but it also helps birds to exercise and improve their balance. Your bird will love perching on this fun and functional accessory!

  • Made of natural wood for safety and security
  • Includes a mirror for entertainment and mental stimulation
  • Convenient to hang with two hooks
  • Promotes exercise and balance for your bird


Q: Can this perch fit in any bird cage?

A: Yes, the Nobby Bird Perch With Mirror can be hung in any bird cage with the included hooks.

Q: Is the mirror safe for birds?

A: The mirror is specifically designed to be safe for birds and provide mental stimulation.



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