Hunters Gold – Lamb & Rice Adult 2Kg

Give your furry friend the best with Hunters Gold – Lamb & Rice Adult 2Kg dog food. This natural and hypoallergenic formula is carefully crafted to provide complete balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

  • Veterinary approved for peace of mind
  • No added artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Gently cooked and full of highly digestible ingredients
  • Formulated without dairy, soya, beef, pork, eggs, wheat, and wheat gluten

Your dog deserves the best, and Hunters Gold delivers with a carefully selected blend of ingredients that are gentle on the stomach and easy to digest. The absence of common allergens makes this food ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

Key Features:

  • Natural and hypoallergenic
  • Complete balanced nutrition
  • Veterinary approved
  • No added artificial ingredients


  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities
  • Maintains overall health and well-being


Is this dog food suitable for all breeds? Yes, Hunters Gold – Lamb & Rice Adult 2Kg is suitable for all breeds of adult dogs.

Can I feed this to my dog with allergies? Yes, this hypoallergenic formula is designed to be gentle on sensitive stomachs and is free from common allergens.

Is this food suitable for senior dogs? This specific formula is designed for adult dogs, but Hunters Gold offers a range of products tailored to different life stages.


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