The Mikki Muzzle Is A Lightweight, Comfortable And A Safe Alternative To The Traditional Basket Muzzle. It Will Allow Your Dog To Pant, Drink And Treat Train And Comes Complete With An Adjustable Strap With Easy-Fit Snap Lock. The Muzzle Also Has A Collar Attachment To Prevent Your Dog From Pulling It Off.
A Strong Nylon Muzzle Which Is Soft And Flexible. Inhibits, Chewing And Barking But Still Allows Panting And Barking. Should Not Be Used During Strenuous Exercise.
Size 1 ? Suitable For Cavalier Spaniel, Dachshund, Jack Russell, Westie And Whippet Sized Dogs. Nose Size 12Cm

Product Sample Of Breed Measurement Cm

Size 0 Yorkies, Cavalier Spaniels,Miniature Breeds 10
Size 1 Whippets, Westies, Jack Russells, Dachshunds 12
Size 1X1 Larger Size Of 1 13
Size 2 Beagles, Springers, Cockers, Poodles (Std) 14
Size 2X1 Larger Size Of 2 16
Size 3 Labradors, GSD, Dobermans, Retrievers 18.5
Size 3X1 Larger Size Of 3 19.5
Size 4 Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards 24
Size 4X1 Larger Size Of 4 28.5
Size 5 Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs 21.5
Size 5X1 Larger Size Of 5 26.5
Size 8 Boxer 30
Size 10 Staff, Bull Terriers 22