Kong Senior Toy – Purple Large

This KONG toy is specially designed for older dogs who still have a playful spirit and enjoy interactive toys.

Key Features:

  • Made from soft, natural rubber to be gentle on older dogs’ teeth
  • Designed to satisfy biting instincts and provide mental stimulation
  • Can be filled with treat paste or favorite treats for added fun
  • Freeze to make the toy last longer and keep your dog cool in the summer


  • Keeps older dogs entertained and engaged
  • Helps maintain dental health
  • Provides mental stimulation and encourages play
  • Helps keep dogs cool in hot weather

Give your older dog the gift of fun and play with the KONG Senior Toy. Whether they love to chew, play fetch, or enjoy treats, this toy is sure to keep them happy and entertained.


  • Q: Is this toy suitable for aggressive chewers?
    A: While the KONG Senior Toy is made from durable rubber, it is designed for older dogs with gentler chewing habits. For aggressive chewers, we recommend the KONG Extreme line of toys.



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