Kong Puppy Toy – Pink Large

The Kong Puppy Toy in Pink Large is the perfect chew toy for your furry friend. Made with a special soft teething formula, this toy is gentle on your puppy’s young, brittle teeth while still being durable enough to withstand their chewing habits. The Puppy Kong is specifically designed for puppies and can be used up to 6-9 months of age.

Key Features:

  • Soft teething formula
  • Durable rubber material
  • Designed for puppies
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes


  • Helps soothe teething discomfort
  • Provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation
  • Great for interactive play and training
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits

Get your hands on the Kong Puppy Toy in Pink Large and watch your puppy enjoy hours of fun and playtime!


Q: How long can my puppy use the Kong Puppy Toy?

A: The Puppy Kong can be used up to 6-9 months of age. After that, we recommend transitioning to a more suitable toy for older dogs.



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