– TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
– nylon rope
The material from which the toy is made is dense TPR foam/rubber, it is so hard and durable that even a bigger naughty dog chewer won’t destroy it so easily.
The numerous moldings and its design cause the ring to gently massage the teeth and gums during play, not falling out of the dog’s mouth when there is a lot of saliva in the mouth, while keeping your dog in shape at the same time.

Description and tips for playing:
You can take the Kiwi Walker Zeppelin to the park and use it as a fetch, it floats nicely in the air and flies far when thrown. When it hits the ground it bounces in an irregular pattern, mimicking the behaviour of prey in the wild. If your dog has a highly developed hunting instinct, he/she will enjoy this activity.
You can also use the Zeppelin as a stretcher thanks to the strong and high quality nylon rope. You and your dog can stretch and play together. Take your Zeppelin to the beach (a pool in the garden is great too) and you’ll quickly discover how much fun a floating toy can be!

Advantages of the toy:
– made of durable, dense thermoplastic TPR foam
– high quality and strong nylon rope ideal for stretching
– suitable for fetching and stretching
– floating toy – can be used in water
– pleasant to the touch with indentations
– indentations and nylon rope for a better fit
– easy cleaning maintenance – machine washable at 30?C