Introducing Johnson’s Seed & Berry Suet Feed

Johnson’s Seed & Berry Suet Feed is a premium high-energy food source for all types of birds. This nutritious blend is packed with natural oils that provide essential winter warmth and fitness for our feathered friends. Whether you are attracting robins, blue tits, or blackbirds, this suet feed is suitable for year-round feeding.

Key Features:

  • High Energy: Give your garden birds the boost they need with this high-energy suet feed.
  • Rich in Natural Oils: The natural oils in this blend are essential for maintaining the health and vitality of wild birds.
  • Provides Winter Warmth and Fitness: During the colder months, birds need extra nourishment to stay warm and healthy. Johnson’s Seed & Berry Suet Feed is the perfect solution.
  • For All Year Round Feeding: This versatile suet feed can be used throughout the year to attract a variety of birds to your garden.


Q: Can I use this suet feed in a bird feeder?

A: Yes, Johnson’s Seed & Berry Suet Feed is suitable for use in bird feeders, providing a convenient way to attract and nourish wild birds in your garden.

Give your garden birds the best with Johnson’s Seed & Berry Suet Feed. Order yours today and watch as a variety of birds flock to your garden for this delicious and nutritious treat!



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