Hemmo And Co Reflective Padded Red Lead 120Cm

Upgrade your daily dog walks with the Hemmo And Co Reflective Padded Red Lead 120Cm. This durable and comfortable dog leash is designed for both you and your furry friend’s enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Padded Handle for Comfort: Say goodbye to rope burns with the padded handle that provides ergonomic comfort and a firm grip, even when your dog pulls.
  • Strong and Tangle-Free Hook: Made from lightweight alloy material, the hook is solid and durable for large pulling capacities.
  • Reflective Stitching on Both Sides: High visibility reflective threads ensure safety during nighttime walks.


The Hemmo And Co Reflective Padded Red Lead 120Cm offers superior comfort, security, and visibility for you and your pet. The padded handle reduces hand strain, while the strong alloy hook ensures durability. The reflective stitching provides added safety during low-light conditions.


Q: Is this lead suitable for large dogs?
A: Yes, the durable construction of this lead can handle the strength of large dogs.

Q: How long is the lead?
A: The lead is 120cm (approximately 47 inches) in length.


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