Hatchwells Nesting Material

Hatchwells Nesting Material is a top-quality option for providing your feathered friends or small animals with a comfortable and cosy place to build their nests. Made with natural fibres, this nesting material is safe and soft, ensuring a warm and snug environment for your pets.

Key Features:

  • Safe and natural fibres
  • Suitable for birds and small animals
  • Provides a cosy nesting environment
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Helps birds and small animals create comfortable nests
  • Keeps pets warm and snug
  • Promotes natural nesting behaviors

Whether you have finches, canaries, hamsters, or guinea pigs, Hatchwells Nesting Material is the perfect choice for creating a welcoming and comfortable nesting space for your pets. Give them the gift of a cosy nest with Hatchwells!


Is this nesting material safe for all types of birds and small animals?

Yes, the Hatchwells Nesting Material is safe and suitable for a variety of bird species as well as small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs.

How do I use the nesting material?

Simply place the Hatchwells Nesting Material in your pet’s cage or enclosure, allowing them to use it as needed to build their nests.


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