Habistat Tortoise Meadow Mix 400g

HabiStat Tortoise Meadow Mix is a specially formulated food for tortoises, containing natural ingredients such as calcium and vitamin D3. This high fiber, low protein feed is rich in calcium and should be part of a balanced diet along with fresh leaves and plants. Suitable for European, Russian, and most other tortoise species.

Available in a convenient 400g size, the Meadow Mix flavor brings the taste of the meadows found in tortoises’ natural environment. This feed is designed to mimic the spring growth that tortoises would forage for in the wild.

Feeding Instructions: Wet the food until soft and replace daily. Offer to young tortoises daily and older tortoises every other day. Monitor their daily intake and make sure fresh water is always available for them to drink.

Composition: Vitamins A, D3, & E, minerals, amino acids, protein, fibers, sugars, fats, and carbohydrates.

Key Features:

  • Complementary feed
  • Great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals
  • Use in conjunction with natural plants
  • Available in three different sizes and flavors


HabiStat Tortoise Meadow Mix provides essential nutrients for tortoises to thrive and maintain a healthy diet. The Meadow Mix flavor adds variety to their diet, mimicking their natural foraging habits in the wild.


Q: How often should I feed my tortoise this Meadow Mix?
A: Young tortoises should be fed daily, while older tortoises can be fed every other day. Monitor their intake and adjust as needed.

Q: Can I feed this Meadow Mix as their primary diet?
A: This Meadow Mix should be part of a varied and balanced diet with fresh leaves and plants. Use it as a supplement to ensure your tortoise gets all the necessary nutrients.



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