GAIN Small Dogs Adult Dog Food is rich in chicken and rice and offers complete nutrition to dogs under 20kg. The food is designed in a small nugget size with extra meat juices making it very palatable, even for finicky eaters. It contains high levels of top quality protein and fat required by small dogs, along with a unique blend of all the essential vitamins, protected minerals and antioxidants. This food is designed for easy digestion, to produce well-formed, easily managed stools, with minimum unpleasant odours and contains soluble fibres plus FOS to produce friendly bacteria in the large intestines which is great for small, sensitive stomachs. Scientifically balanced with the optimum Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, this food contributes to healthy skin and a glossy coat, while the unique source of real calcium from milk, combined with Vitamin D and Phosphorous promotes strong bones and teeth. This food is wheat-free, hypoallergenic and sensitive.


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