Parazole Is A Broad-Spectrum Oral Suspension Liquid Wormer Used For The Treatment Of Domestic Dogs And Cats That Are Infected With Immature And Mature Stages Of Worms Of The Stomach And Respiratory Tracts. The Wormer Is Also Suitable For Puppies And Kittens From 2 Weeks Of Age And Pregnant Bitches. It Is Recommended To Worm Your Dog And Cat With Parazole Oral Suspension 4 Times A Year To Control Outbreak Of Worms.

This Easy To Give Liquid Is Effective Against Roundworm. Puppies And Kittens Can Be Born With Roundworm As It Can Pass To Them Through Their Mother’s Milk. Tapeworm Has A Segmented Appearance And Can Be Gotten By Ingesting Fleas Or Rodents That Have Been Infected With The Worm. Hookworm Is Much More Common In Dogs Than Cats, It Can Also Be Passed From The Mother’s Milk And Can Be Ingested Through Soil Or Substances Where The Eggs Are Present.
– Liquid Wormer For Easy Administration.
– Suitable For Both Dogs And Cats.
– Suitable For Puppies And Kittens From 2 Weeks Of Age.
– Effective Against Roundworm, Tapeworm, Hookworm And Lungworms.
– Effective Against Roundworm Eggs.