Introducing the Chuck It! Sport 26 Large Ball Launcher for Big Dogs

Big dogs need big toys, and the Chuck It! Sport 26L Launcher is the perfect choice for your large pup. This hands-free ball launcher provides comfort and control while allowing you to throw a large ball far and fast. Made of durable plastic, this launcher will stand up to even the most rambunctious play sessions.

Key Features:

  • No slobber, hands-free ball pick up
  • Long handle with claw holds ball firmly for leverage
  • Throws large 8cm (3inch) Chuckit! balls up to three times as far
  • Exercise your dog in a fraction of the time
  • Includes a large tennis ball
  • Extra balls available for purchase
  • Long handle eliminates the need to bend over


The Chuck It! Sport 26 Large Ball Launcher allows you to give your dog the exercise they need in a fun and interactive way. Your pup will love chasing after the ball, and you’ll love how easy it is to use the launcher to keep the game going. This toy is designed to promote healthy play and bonding time with your furry friend.


Q: What size balls does the Chuck It! Sport 26 Launcher use?
A: The launcher is designed for use with large 8cm (3inch) Chuckit! balls.

Q: Is the Chuck It! Sport 26 Launcher durable?
A: Yes, this launcher is made of high-quality, durable plastic that can stand up to tough play sessions.

Q: Can I purchase extra balls for the Chuck It! Sport 26 Launcher?
A: Yes, extra balls are available for purchase so you can keep the game going without interruption.

Give your big dog the playtime they deserve with the Chuck It! Sport 26 Large Ball Launcher. Order yours today and watch your pup have a ball!



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