Introducing the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang

Get ready to take fetch to a whole new level with the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang. This innovative dog toy is designed for interactive play both on land and in the water, making it a versatile addition to your pup’s playtime routine.

Key Features:

  • Soft, semi-rigid construction for exceptional visibility and performance
  • Floats high on the water for easy retrieval
  • Unique boomerang shape for exciting throws and catches
  • Available in two vibrant colour options: Orange/Blue and Green/Blue

At 25cm long, the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang is the perfect size for most dogs to enjoy. Its lightweight design makes it easy for your furry friend to carry and retrieve, while the soft material is gentle on their mouth during play.

Benefits of the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang:

  • Encourages interactive play that strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • Flies through the air for exciting throws and catches
  • Floats on water, making it ideal for beach or pool play

Whether you’re at the park, the beach, or in your backyard, the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang is sure to provide hours of entertainment for you and your furry companion. Upgrade your fetch game today with this fun and durable dog toy!


Q: Is the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang suitable for all dogs?

A: The boomerang is designed for most dogs to enjoy, but supervision is recommended during play to ensure safety.

Q: Can I use the boomerang in a lake or the ocean?

A: Yes, the Chuck It! Amphibious Boomerang is designed to float on water, making it perfect for water play.



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