All-Natural Lickable Cat Treats With Taurine
Catit Creamy Is A Delicious Lickable Cat Treat Made Exclusively With Healthy, All-Natural Ingredients. Gloriously Tasty Yet Low In Calories, Catit Creamy Is The Perfect Hydrating Treat To Spoil Your Cat With.
The Chicken Flavoured Catit Creamy Lickable Cat Treat Is A Hydrating, Healthy And Versatile Way To Spoil Your Cat.
Made From Fresh, All-Natural Ingredients, With Essential Nutrients. High In Protein, Rich In Amino Acids

– Feed Directly From The Tube For A Bonding Experience With Your Cat
– Freeze Them To Make Them Last Longer, Ideal For Hot Weather
– Serve On A Dish Or On A Lick Mat
– Mix It With Dry Food To Encourage Fussy Eaters
– Use It To Disguise Liquid Medications Or Tablets