Beaphar Wound Spray uses natural healing ingredients to help soothe, protect and aid healing of superficial wounds in a handy pocket-sized spray.

AIDS HEALING OF WOUNDS & SUPPORTS SKIN RECOVERY: Beaphar Wound Spray contains propolis, Aloe vera, tea tree oil and essential oils to cleanse abrasions whilst supporting the skin?s regenerative process supporting skin recovery.
CLEANS AND SOOTHES SUPERFICIAL WOUNDS, DRY & IRRITATED SKIN: Combines the natural healing properties of propolis, with tea tree oil, Aloe vera and essential oils.
POCKET-SIZED, EASY-TO-USE PUMP-ACTION SPRAY: The spray formula makes it easier to target your pet?s cuts and grazes, covering a greater area of skin with the pump-action spray.
SUITABLE FOR PETS: Beaphar Wound Spray can be used for cats, dogs, and small animals.