Goldfish love the natural taste.
Brings out the natural colours of your fish.
No artificial colours

Your goldfish has a well developed sense of taste and will reject
which they don’t like. Apart from this uneaten food ending up
the water in the tank, when your goldfish are not eating their food,
they are not getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy.
Studies over many years confirm that goldfish really do enjoy the
natural taste of Aquarian – put a few flakes in the water and
watch how quickly and eagerly your goldfish eat it.
The special natural recipe of Aquarian is also very easy for your
fish to digest.
Aquarian Goldfish Food helps your fish stay healthy and active
and the water in your aquarium stays clear and clean.
Aquarian Goldfish Food comprises 4 individual flakes each with
specific nutritional benefits:

Brown: with kelp
Yellow: High carbohydrates flake with natural protein
Red: Rich in fish protein
Orange: With extra vitamins and natural antioxidants