Introducing Animology Paws & Nose Balm

Give your furry friend the ultimate pampering with Animology Paws & Nose Balm. This luxurious blend of natural ingredients is specially formulated to moisturise and soothe your dog’s nose and paws.

Key Features:

  • ✨ Soothing: With a complex blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, oat oil, and vitamin E, this balm provides instant relief for dry, cracked paws and noses.
  • 🌿 100% Vegan: Made with only plant-based ingredients, this balm is safe and gentle for your dog’s sensitive skin.
  • 🐾 Moisturising: Hydrating ingredients help to keep your dog’s paws and nose soft and supple, protecting them from harsh environmental factors.

Pamper your pup with Animology Paws & Nose Balm and keep their paws and nose healthy and happy. Show them some love with this luxurious balm that will leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Q: How often should I apply the balm?

A: For best results, apply the balm to your dog’s paws and nose as needed, especially after walks or exposure to harsh weather conditions.


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