Ancol Heritage Straight Aluminium Comb – Two Widths Of Teeth

The Ancol Metal Comb is a must-have grooming tool for both dogs and cats. This comb features an all-metal construction with medium and coarse grade teeth, perfect for all coat types.

Measuring 19cm in length, this comb offers greater control and balance in your hand. The aluminium spine and stainless steel teeth ensure durability and easy gliding through the coat, making it ideal for professional grooming.

  • Short 28mm teeth
  • 50/50 teeth spacing
  • 19cm comb length
  • Aluminium spine & stainless steel teeth

Key Features:

  • Short teeth with 50/50 spacing for versatile grooming
  • Aluminium spine for durability
  • Stainless steel teeth for smooth gliding
  • Perfect for finishing toy breeds and fine coats


  • Easy control and balance during grooming
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Gentle on the coat while effectively removing tangles
  • Suitable for professional grooming salons


Q: What is the spacing between the teeth?

A: The Ancol Metal Comb features 50/50 teeth spacing for versatile grooming.

Q: Is this comb suitable for toy breeds?

A: Yes, this comb is perfect for finishing toy breeds and fine coats.

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